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Climate Camp
Witnessing the Catastrophe

The Climate Camp provides opportunities for people living in cities who have fewer opportunities to experience climate crisis sites firsthand in order to encourage more participation in climate actions. The program includes the conifer crisis monitoring, the river-ecology and the wetland tours, among others, which abide by low carbon and zero waste practices.


A program organized in collaboration with Green Korea, an environmental NGO, that involves climbing mountains to the elevations of 4,000 to 5,500 feet to monitor and document the mass destruction of conifer forests due to global warming.    


Record and share the destruction site of coniferous forests that are progressing at a rapid pace due to global warming.

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Trekking programs exploring culture, ecology and communities along various water bodies in Korea to help participants to find ways not only to protect their rivers but to reduce carbon emissions and disposable waste in their daily lives. 

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