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Transforming the City

Climate City is composed of research projects and various climate action campaigns that intervene in urban spaces, offering a vision and strategies for urban reconstruction in response to the climate crisis.  

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This campaign is conducted by artists, filmmakers, designers, architects, theorists in collaboration with environmental NGOs and research institutes. Videos and two-dimensional advertisements are displayed on large billboards across Seoul, inside subway cars, at bus stops and in train stations. In addition, 4,000 label-like posters that can be attached to clothes, bags, and hats are distributed to citizens, and banner ads urging climate actions created by senior citizens are displayed on the verandas of apartments, among other locations.  


This is a research project that visualizes the materials industry that constructs our daily living space and the network of labor and distribution that constitutes this industry. The process of production, distribution, and disposal of materials that make up the modern environment—from the concrete that goes into the frame of the house to the plastic bowls in the kitchen—is one of the main causes of climate change. Given that about 40% of the world’s carbon emissions are due to the construction industry, we must understand the production, consumption, and recycling system of the material living environment, and how the production and consumption practices of daily life, working methods, living spaces, and household goods have to change together. Based on research over the past twenty years on climate change and responses to climate change, The House System aims to develop a platform for delivering a visual experience that the general public can respond to, modeled on the current system in which the material living environment is produced in Korea.       Curator: Hyungmin Pai (University of Seoul)

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This is a research project in which eight architectural offices present urban spatial strategies and visions in response to the climate crisis through the use of idle public spaces in Seoul.


Curator: Soik Jung (Urban Mediation Project)


In response to the current situation where a quarter of the Korean population is engaged in rearing companion animals, we launch an online campaign to expand the interest in companion animals into the concern for endangered species. In this participatory project, people’s companion animals become the protagonists, naming or mentioning the names of endangered species, which is then synthesized into an image on an online platform, and disseminated through SNS. 

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