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Becoming Climate Citizens

Climate Classroom consists of education programs aimed at raising awareness of the climate crisis and promoting the importance of climate actions. This campaign to become climate citizens engages multiple generations from children to the elderly through online games, animation, and other workshops designed by participating artists to help the survival of other living things.

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This is an online game that promotes awareness of the climate crisis and the importance of climate actions to younger generations. This game will be produced through the collaboration of media artist Hojun Song and game developers, and encourages players to protect the planet by planting trees, extinguishing forest fires, and cleaning up plastics in the ocean.

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These projects help other living things whose survival is threatened due to human activities. Artists conduct workshops with citizens to create houses for birds, solitary bees and earthworms to be installed in forests, mountains, parks, and private spaces across the metropolitan area.


Climatgeddon by Gudam, an illustration artist, is an animation project, composed of three editions -The Insect, The Ocean and the Climate Disaster.


​Endangered Species Knitting Workshop

Compared to younger generations, the attitude towards consumption and material goods among older generations of Koreans tends to be more planet friendly in practice. However, their understanding of the climate crises tends to be low. This project thus aims to expand the interest and participation of the senior citizens in the climate actions. In cooperation with the municipality of Seoul, this project searches out and records elderly citizens who practice eco-friendly lifestyles.

Endangered Plants Drawing Workshop

In connection with folk paining classes currently popular among the middle-aged and elderly population, this is a workshop for drawing plants that are endangered due to the climate crisis.

Endangered Plants Drawing Workshop

Led by older women, this project creates handmade banners that urge climate actions. Discarded clothes, blankets, and wrapping cloths will be used in order to reduce the environmental burden associated with making banners.

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