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Climate Cinema
Screening the Climate Emergency

Climate Cinema presents films and animations featuring poignant accounts of climate crisis, the most challenging issue of our time. Working in collaboration with environmental NGOs, filmmakers and animation studios of these climate action narratives take viewers around various communities to meet people at the forefront of climate change, including farmers, fishers, and scientists. 

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From coal-fired power plants to the consumers, films and animations to be screened at the Post-Coal Cinema take up problems of biodiversity loss, disappearing urban forests and exploited rivers and streams and meet people at the forefront of fossil fuel-induced crisis. These projects are produced by the Korea Federation of Environmental Movement in collaboration with filmmakers and animation studios.


A feature documentary film that highlights how the climate crisis will affect our food system through the lens of soybean and soy sauce.

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Not only draught, flood and sea level rise but also wild fire, extreme weather and reduced agricultural output are all essentially water problems. This film festival is organized around critical issues surrounding the impact of climate crisis on water, including sea level rise, the destruction of marine ecosystems and exploitation of water resources.

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